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Donors are members of the foundation.  Members have no responsibilities or obligations.  We want to recognize and thank them for supporting our efforts on behalf of the Wolfeboro Public Library.

Sam and Jean Adkins
David and Shirley Alessandroni
Anonymous Gift
Anonymous Gift in Memory of Mary Trapani Gauthier
Anonymous Gift in Memory of Bob Lockhart
Brian Arsnow
Ashton & Company
Michael and Martha Autera
Bald Peak Fund
Irene M. Bascunana and Andrew T. Jay
James and Elizabeth Bean
Shirley Bentley in Memory of John M. Ballard
Elizabeth C. Bowman in Memory of Constance Judkins Bowman
Michael and Lauren Bowen
Stephen and Christie Bravo
Jerome and Mary Jane Brueck
Thomas and Nancy Buckingham
Cheryl and Rob Campbell
Pat and Dan Charlton
Warren G. Clarke in Memory of Pat Clarke
Sandra S. Comsudi
Robert and Carla Copeland
Arthur and Catherine Coviello
Cricket Foundation
Diane Croteau in Memory of Constance Croteau
The Dacier Family
Kurt Dietzer
Mimi C. Dye/Dunham
Leona S. Fickinger
Geoffrey and Sandra Fitts
Susan Fuller
Wayne and Louise Gehman
Wayne and Nancy Ghirardini
Gary and Judith Gosbee
Governor Wentworth Arts Council
Lawrence and Marion Hamm
Lucy and Skip Hancock
W. Alan and Susan Harding
Karen K. Hardy
Marie Harriman and Christopher Condon
Richard Harris
The Haskell Family
Jean R. Hawkins
Jane Herold
Hesler Family Fund in Memory of Sally Hesler
Mark and Leslie Hood
Debbie Hopkins in Memory of James Hopkins
Barbara Hunt
IBM International Foundation
Irene S. Kimball
Jennifer Kalled
Jonathan and Martha Kipp
Frederick and Diane Kollmorgen
Eric Lariviere and Janet Gillis-Lariviere
Magdalene Livingston
Ramona Lockhart in Memory of Bob Lockhart
Eva Madden
Marriott Daughters Foundation in Memory of Virginia Burke
Dorothy B. Martin
Elizabeth McCrae

Cate McMahon
Kathleen Mooney-Cahill
Patricia W. Moore
Marion B. Moran
Harry Morgan
Joan D. Newell
Ted and Sandy Newman
Nicole Jutras Fund
James and Carol Nupp
Nancy O'Dowd
Thomas A. O'Dowd
Thomas and Karen Ouhrabka
Peter Frank Palmer
People's United Bank
Bill and Jane Perkins
John N. Pernokas
Ken and Ginny Perry in Honor of Warren Clarke
Ken and Ginny Perry in Honor of Jane S. Hall
Wayne W. Peternel
Barbara Pinto and Andrew Heitner
Harmon and Nancy Poole
Paul and Rody Preble
Jean and Tom Queena
Susan H. Quinn
Nancy K. Reed in Memory of Sally Stewart
Robert and Nancy Rosenblum
Evangelyn and John Sandeen
Reynold Santoro in Memory of Barbara Zulauf
Cynthia Scott
John F. Shepard
Bob and Claudia Shilo
Paul and Beth Smith
Bob and Sally Stewart
Jim and Chris Stevens
George and Sylvia Sullivan
Peter M. and Therese A. Sullivan
Matthew and Catherine Thayer
Nancy and Douglas Thayer
Candace Thayer in Memory of Gerald C. Thayer
Thayer Family Charitable Fund in Memory of Sally Stewart
Robert F. Troendle
Gary Uthenwoldt
Sharon and George Vanderheiden
Richard A. Voke
William Whelan
Michael and Susan Wildfeuer
Inger and Bob Woerheide
Wolfeboro Lions Club
Barbara G. Wood
Wood and Clay, Inc.