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Robert M. and Carol J. Amick in Memory of Helen J. Bradley
Robert C. Amick in Memory of Helen J. Bradley
Helen H. Amick in Memory of Helen J. Bradley
Anonymous Pledge in Honor of the Library Staff
Anonymous Foundation Pledge
Joan and Stephen Arsenault
Sue and Dick Ayers
Barbara and Ernest Bainton
Gordon and Meredith Barlow
Kathy Barnard
Mr. and Mrs. David Barnes
Bud and Betsey Booth and Family
David and Christine Bowers
Harold J. Bradley in Memory of Helen J. Bradley
Steve Buck
Porter and Susan Caesar
Ann and Jerry Calvert
J. Warren and Joan P. Cassidy
Stewart and Patricia Chapin in Memory of Beth Henry Russell
Jonathan and Kitty Clark in Memory of Wilma Paine
Steve Clark N.D. PLLC
Phil and Sara Clarkson
Peter and Judy Cole
Nancy Coleman
Hugh and Peg Crawford
Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Crootof
Carl and Judith Crosley
Mr. and Mrs Robert L. Cullison
W. Thomas Curtis in Memory of Stephanie A. Curtis
David Davidson
Beverly and Bob Davis
JoAnne G. Dempsey
Deb and Dave Denby
Paul and Edie DesMarais
Robert A. and Carol E. DiAdamo in Memory of Helen J. Bradley
Duane and Tatiana Downey
Ellen and Jim Eisenhower
Prue Morgan Fitts
Arthur M. Fitts III
Lauren and Stephen Fleet
Susan Fossum in Memory of Sally Hobbs Briggs
Peter and Katherine French
Friends of the Wolfeboro Public Library
Brad and Hume Gile in Memory of Nicole Jutras
Peter and Susan Goodwin
Raymond and Joan Green in Memory of Sylvia Meyers
Jane S. Hall in Memory of Col. Frederick W. Hall
Frank and Ann Hardenbergh
Jini and John Hardenbergh
The Harding Family
William and Sandra Herman
The Hesler Family in Memory of Sally Beth Hesler
Shirley Hoyt
William R. Hunter
Jerome Holden and Jeannette D'Onofrio
Jockers Family Foundation in Memory of Helen J. Bradley
Lynn and Gail Johnson
Margaret K. Johnson in Memory of Marshall D. O'Connell
Priscilla and Sheldon Jones
Joan A. Kelly in Memory of Helen J. Bradley
Virginia B. Kirch
Lucinda S. and Charles B. Landreth
Mr and Mrs David Lee
Nancy M. Lentz
Steve and Jan Livingston
Barbara L. Lobdell in Memory of David L. Lobdell
David P. Lynch
Douglas Magee, Jr.
Marie and Tony Malloy

Ken and Margaret Marschner
William and Stefanie Marsh
Richard Masse and Andrea Dudley
Linda Shenton Matchett
Maxfield Real Estate
Barbara and Bruce McCracken
Richard and Virginia McKernan
Patricia and Jackson McLaughlin
Meredith Village Savings Bank
Patricia Merena in Memory of Ray Merena
Elizabeth Miesfeldt
Blair and Patricia Moffett
The Montrone Family
Chris and Patty Mosher
Warren and Jeannie Muir
Roger and Linda Murray
Jane S. Newcomb
Nancy Peery Marriott Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Norris
Thomas B. O'Brien
Bob and Judy O'Keefe
James and Carol O'Rourke
Julie and Robert Palmason
Ron and Elissa K. Paquette in Memory of Arthur and Marguerite Kurth
Judith Paschal
Pete and Susan Peterman
Robert and Lynn Piekarz
Leon and Helene Pierce
Amy O. Piper
PSI Molded Plastic's New Hampshire
Nancy and Hap Poole
Dianne R. Quayle
Susan Raser
Cornelia A. Rawson
Tom Reichheld and Joann Buonomano
Wayne and Pamela Reilly
Gregg and Beth Roark
Jenny and Tim Robson
Peter and Leigh Roessiger
John and Judith Russell
Evangelyn and John Sandeen
Dave Schappell and Karen Janosky
Stephen and Barbara Schmidt
Russell D. Schundler
Cynthia Scott
Nancy and Jim Shildneck
Steven Lane Smith
Gene and Donna Solod
Matt and Corinne Spinale
Nelson and Lynne Steiner
Bob and Sally Stewart
William Swaffield in Memory of Hilary Swaffield
John and Barbara Teller
Thayer Family Charitable Fund in Memory of Gerald C. Thayer
Patricia and Robert Tougher
The Tyler Family
Maria M. Varney
Robert J. Waldron in Memory of Janet L. Waldron
The Wallace Family in Memory of Ruth Alice Wallace
Harold Weintraub and Mary Thomsen
John and Marylouise Welch in Memory of Claude and Phyllis Welch
Mr. and Mrs. H. Edward White in Memory of Alice P. Mahoney
Tracy and G. Marc Whitehead
Mr and Mrs L. Wilberton
Wolfeboro Bay Real Estate - Lisa Williams
The Wolfeboro Fund
The Wolfeboro Inn
Inger and Bob Woerheide
Mr and Mrs James C. Zampell