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The Wolfeboro Public Library Foundation is a private, nonprofit corporation committed to support the continued growth and development of the Wolfeboro Library. The Foundation reinforces the need for continued public support for the library and is a catalyst for attracting private funding from individuals, businesses and organizations. We seek to enhance library services that benefit educational, cultural and community goals. Foundation grants to the Library are separate from the Town’s obligations to support the Library.

  • John C. Sandeen, President
  • Candace W. Thayer,  Vice President 
  • Krista V. Marschner, Secretary
  • Robert B. Woerheide, Treasurer
  • Robert J. Conrad, Director
  • Frank E. Hardenbergh, Director
  • Kimberly A. Lehmann, Director
  • Roger F. Murray III, Director
  • Amy O. Piper, Director
  • Amy M. Tamburri, Director
  • Linda Wilberton, Director and Chair LBoT

Liaison of the Wolfeboro Public Library

  • Amanda King, Library Director

Assistant to the Treasurer

  • Kimberlee E. Kalled

Advisors to the Board

  • W. Alan Harding
  • Barbara L. Lobdell
  • James O'Rourke
  • Prue Morgan Fitts