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There are many ways you can contribute to our organization, but the most pressing need is financial support - your generous donations are needed, appreciated, and will make our project a reality.  We invite you to share your support for our project with others who, like you, recognize the tremendous value and services the Wolfeboro Public Library brings to our community.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then take a look at these photos which illustrate the challenges faced by the Wolfeboro Public Library today,

This project addresses all of these issues, insuring the Wolfeboro Public Library continues to thrive as one of the best assets of our community.

Donations to the Library Building Fund may be made at any time, or by a pledge which will be payable over a period of time.  Please select the appropriate form below for the type of donation you'd like to make.  Donations may be monetary or in the form of marketable securities.

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