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We are pleased to recognize and thank these donors for supporting the Energy Efficiency Fund on behalf of the Wolfeboro Public Library.

Norman and Betty Ahn
All Saints Church
Joan and Stephen Arsenault
Howard E. Bean Jr.
Doris S. Bodette in memory of Ralph Bodette
Bud and Betsey Booth
Thomas and Nancy Buckingham
Steve and Carol Bush
Cecily Clark
Diana Greenwood Cleborne
Nancy S. Coleman
Robert M. and Carla T. Copeland
Anne G. Corson
Robert and Linda Crootof
Penelope T. Curtis
Charles and Mary Ellen Davis
Robert B. and Beverly J. Davis
Paul and Edie DesMarias
Linda and Nicola DiBica
Jill Duffield
Leona S. Fickinger
Susan E. Fuller
Adele Garvin
Wayne and Louise Gehman
Wayne and Nancy Ghirardini
Eric Gibson and Jeannie Pearce
Mark and Nancy Gilbert
Ronald E. Goodgame
Peter and Susan Goodwin
Louise Graham
BB Hambacher
Ellen Hall
Karen Lawrence Haskell
Bruce and Patricia Herrmann
Hesler Family Fund
Nancy Hirshberg
Susan Hirshberg and John Wall
Don and Gail Holm
William T. Hudson and Krista V. Marschner

Patricia Jones
Sheldon and Priscilla Jones
Virginia Kirch
Frederick J.and Diane H.Kollmorgen
Karen Burnett-Kurie
Wayne H. Lapham
Francis and Shelly McGee
Ken and Margaret Marschner
Henry S. Maxfield Real Estate
Bruce E. and Barbara L. McCracken
Blair and Patricia Moffett
Warren and Jean Muir
Jane Newcomb
James and Carol Nupp
Paul O'Brien
Thomas and Mary O'Brien
Ron and Elissa Pacquette
Leon A. Pierce, Jr
Susan Poirier
Carolyn Purcell
Statton Rice and Cate McMahon
Michael Rosenthal
Rotary Club of Wolfeboro
John and Evangelyn Sandeen
Steven Land Smith
Zack Smithwood
Matthew D. and Corrine V. Spinale
Willliam and Rebecca Swaffield
Candace W. Thayer
Matthew and Catherine Thayer
The Kingswood Press
Robert and Patricia Tougher
George and Sharon Vanderheiden
Melissa Waldie
Jeffrey and Alexis Wallace
Lawrence and Linda Wilberton
Inger and Bob Woerheide