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Net Zero Energy library possible in Wolfeboro

BY ELISSA PAQUETTE Contributing Writer

WOLFEBORO - Construction is slated to begin on the Wolfeboro Public Library’s renovation and expansion in just a few weeks. That’s an exciting proposition for all who voted for the project this past March (78.7 percent in favor), the members of the Wolfeboro Public Library Foundation (WPLF), the Building Commitee and the numerous contributors who’ve shown their support for a more spacious, modern and energy efficient library. Adding to the excitement is the possibility that America’s First Summer Resort could create the first Net Zero Energy library in New Hampshire. As the building committee began poring over the plans in March, discussing every aspect of the project in detail, several people stepped forward to donate the cost of a study by a nationally recognized energy expert. It showed that the projected energy consumption per square foot of the renovated and expanded library plan, anticipated to reduce consumption by one/ third, could be reduced by two/thirds with further energy efficiency modifications. The remaining third could be addressed with a solar array. The cost to achieve that goal is estimated to be $150,000. The budgetary gains to the residents of Wolfeboro from energy savings would reverberate from completion of the project through the life of the building in what WPLF President John Sandeen calls, “a win win for Wolfeboro for the next 50 years.” With construction fast approaching, time is of the essence. Sandeen says, “The time to achieve these savings and benefits for the community is during the extensive renovations and construction. It would not be practical to go back later to, for instance, add more insulation or replace windows.” To that end, the WPLF created the newly established Energy Efficiency Fund, and he invites interested parties to call him at 581- 6090 or send a donation to the Energy Efficiency Fund at the Wolfeboro Public Library Foundation, Inc., P.O. Box 472, Wolfeboro, NH 03894. Donations will be applied to the added efficiency measures.

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A Net Zero Energy library is in sight, with a last push to raise $150,000 for additional energy efficiency measures during the renovation and expansion of the Wolfeboro Public Library. Building Committee leader Candace Thayer, Library Director Cindy Scott, Wolfeboro Public Library Foundation President John Sandeen, and former Wolfeboro Energy Committee Chairman Nancy Hirshberg say America’s First Summer Resort could create the first Net Zero Energy Library in New Hampshire.