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What is gained with the expansion and renovation of the Wolfeboro Public Library?


Provide staff and volunteers with dedicated workspace.Staff Areas 2018

Currently all staff members do not have a specific place to work on projects. There are few places in the building where a project can be left partially completed. Most work stations are used by multiple people over the course of a week or day. This problem is worse for the volunteers who have no dedicated space they can utilize. One volunteer told us she was quitting because she found it so frustrating to have to move to a different location or perch next to a crowded counter when she worked on her project. All of our spaces are used for multiple purposes, but for some projects this creates delays and frustration. In the new space we are creating a dedicated work space for working on technology and a dedicated space for volunteers to use as well as additional, ergonomic workstations for staff.

Creating space for the library to store equipment, furniture, and supplies means enhanced and new services.

The library lacks storage space with only two small closets and one room designed specifically for storage. There is little space to store computer equipment, other equipment, library materials, archival materials, office supplies, library material supplies, janitorial supplies and various records we are required to retain. Items are stored throughout the staff spaces on floors, in filing cabinets, in boxes under counters and desks, on available shelves and in a container the library rents adjacent to the parking lot. Unfortunately items in the storage container are being damaged by the conditions in the container of extreme hot in the summer and cold in the winter. And finally, we currently have to discard books, audios and DVDs when we add new ones as there is little room left to expand or store popular collections.

Modern technology + flexible social spaces = adaptability 

The expanded and renovated library will include the ability to change the functions of any space, or change the size of a space, as change in the needs of the community occurs. Libraries have always dealt with the changing needs of their clientele and the future will be no different. The new facility will allow us to be much more flexible about solutions to the changing way services are provided and used. Many people come to the library for play dates, to take online classes, to run an online business, or to socialize. They stay for long periods of time, sometimes most of the day. There are currently fewer seats in the library than there were when the facility opened in 1979. This is a major problem and the library needs to provide more comfortable and varied seating options to library visitors.