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Provide meeting spaces for groups from 2 to 125 people.Large Meeting Room 2018

The library receives frequent requests for a small, private meeting space where a police officer or family services person or an attorney can meet with members of the public. Additionally we are seeking to add a slightly larger meeting room than we currently have and a space that would seat up to 25. Our one current meeting room officially seats 113 but the space becomes uncomfortable with more than 70 chairs set up. The medium sized meeting space will be used as quiet study, for workshops, book discussions, and for smaller sized meetings. The large and medium sized rooms would be available after hours. There will be a small kitchenette available as well. All meeting space would be available for library presented programming and for the general public. We now regularly use the Great Hall for larger events. It has helped the library be able to fully promote programming that in the past we had to limit access to, but there is still demand to provide smaller spaces for library use, town committee use, and for members of the public to use.