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Provide an enlarged and separate children’s room including a restroom.Children Area

The children’s room is currently too small and is located in the middle of one large room that it shares with the adult and circulation sections of the library. The new space will allow children to be reasonably noisy, which currently is a problem as they play with the puppet theater, the kitchenette or other toys. The new space will be safer for children as it will not have two exits adjacent to the area, adults will not be working at study carrels in the children’s area, adults will not be walking continuously through the area to reach the rear corridor, materials for adults will not be shelved in the children’s area, and parents will be able to keep an eye on their children as they use the restroom located within the children’s space and not in a corridor at the back of the building by an exit. There will also be an area for the children’s librarian to store craft supplies and other materials used in children’s programming, which are currently located in the director’s office, the closet in the meeting room, under the children’s librarian’s desk, and in an aisle on the floor in the video storage room. Photo by Amy Piper Photography